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Industrial Sewing Machines Miami

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Miami small businesses, manufactures, and at home sewers! The Sewing Group is Miami's #1 distributor and wholesaler of industrial sewing machines in the Miami greater area and all over North America! We have a specific focus in sewing machines that are name brand and from trust manufactures. Here are some of the benefits of investing into industrial strength sewing machine if you own a small shop or an at home business. If you're a large clothing manufacture you'll love some of the features you'll find in our line of sewing machines:

Industrial Sewing Machines Advantages

  • High Speed
  • Perfect Tension
  • Computerized
  • Automatic Trimming
  • Cleaning Stitching
  • Low Maintenance

If you're seriously considering purchasing one or a set of industrial sewing machines from us, then fill-out the form to the right or click to chat with one our sales professionals!

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