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Industrial Sewing Machines Miami

Dison DS-2628LG

Dison DS-2628LG

Cylinder-bed compound feed sewing machines series This series machines are single needle compound feed lockstitch sewing machine. It adopts sliding ba...
Juki DSC-240 Series

Juki DSC-240 Series

1-needle Cylinder-bed, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine The unison-feed provides the optimal feed efficiency by feeding heavy materials smoothly and fi...
Juki DSU-145

Juki DSU-145

1-needle DSU-145 (with automatically lubricated for hook) Cylinder-bed, Top and Bottom-feed, Lockstitch Machine DSU-145-7 (with automatically lubricat...
Juki LS-1340 Series

Juki LS-1340 Series

1-needle Cylinder-bed, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Hook The slimmed-down throat plate easily adjusts to the sewing of small tub...

Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine

Cylinder Bed Sewing Machines, are capable of enabling organizations to sew more tubular materials such as bags, hand bags, walltes, shoes and many other small articles of items easliy. Using a longer arm and mount, many of our brand cylinder bed and industrial capable sewing machines are ready to handle tough materials and that's the main highlight here. Our sewing machines are able to work with various canvas like vinyl, rubber, leather synthetics, laminates, and other rubberized fabrics. See some of the top brands here.

Cylinder Bed Sewing Machines

Juki and Jack Top Brands

The Sewing Group offers both Juki and Jack as our top brands in this category of industrial ready sewing machines. These sewing machines are heavy duty and long lasting. From parts to the durability on the motor, you're buying from the very best at dealer pricing.

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