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Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial Sewing Machines

The Sewing Group offers a wide array of sewing machines, all which are heavy duty and capable of high volume text tile manufacturing. Our most popular industrial sewing machines are our 1 needle industrial sewing machines, 2 needle lockstitch industrial sewing machines, and computer controlled industrial sewing machines. Explore each category and checkout our video demos of each machine. Each sewing machine we have, all specific functions that help solve problems in making certain garmets or working with certain materials. If you need help, please use our chat message, we have experts ready to answer any of your questions!

Industrial Sewing Machine

Go With Heavy Duty Instead

There are many reasons to buy sewing machine from a local retail store or even at big box retailers; however, what you'll find is that the parts are cheap and will end up breaking on you. If you are seriously considering having a home operations or a small operation you'll want to make the longer term investment in a heavy duty and industrial capable machine that won't have broken parts, weak needles, thread jamming, and many other performance related issues. Here are some of the the issues you'll never have to worry about when working with our industrial sewing machines:

Avoid These Problems When You Buy An Industrial Sewing Machine

  • Loose and Loopy Stitching
  • Uneven Stitching
  • Thread Jamming
  • Tensioning

Although some of these issues can be related to begginers in sewing, you'll find that in high demand operations, you'll want a sewing machine that will hold up and not cause downtime. Please checkout some of the many great features you'll find in each model and brand sewing machine today!

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